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The Jamaican Commissary Testimonials

I LOVE Jamaican Commissary carrot cake!   The cake is always moist and delicious and the icing is buttery and ‘rummy’ and ...just to die for!    Whenever I have guests for dinner I always order one of these because I know my guests will love it!

My family is hooked on the Mango Jam.  Once we open that jar it never lasts 24 hours.......

I Love the Peppermint Jelly.  It turns my cup of tea into an aromatic experience for my taste buds.......

I Enjoy the Mango Jam for "Sweet" and the Hot Pepper Jelly for "Savory".   It is so nice to do business with nice people and to get such fresh products.   I save the Carrot Cake for my "alone time"

We grill with the Rosemary Marinade use the Pepper Jellies for snacks and love the mango Jam.   The real killer product is the Carrot Cake.  We have to buy two because its one thing we just can't share.

Olene Smith

...Peace Officer

Zevroy & Nardia Hills

...Small Business Owners

Lyn Langford

...Executive Manager

Karla Woods


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